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Magic Items

These are the archived magic items of The Chaos Project. I can't express how grateful I am to the many visitors who've stopped by and contributed their ideas. My undying thanks!


01 Date: March 3, 2001
Name: Peter Maranci
Axe-Hammer (rare, 3 - 60+ POW)

History: These items are frowned on by most cults which favor any one type of weapon, and even more so by those which forbid the use of another weapon-type. Therefore Axe-Hammers (and Pick-Hammers) are rather rare. They are, however, quite useful, particularly for powerful and experienced warriors.

Description: A war hammer with a pick or axehead back - alternatively, an axe or pick with a hammer-back.

Powers: This weapon is reversible, with both sides of the attacking ends enhanced. The enchantments placed on both ends are usually equal, since the weapons tend to skew oddly if they are magically unbalanced. One odd effect of this item is that each one makes a strange and distinctive noise upon striking. Each weapon makes a different sound, but all share the quality of metal under stress. Particularly powerful versions can produce sound which is painful enough to serve as an additional attack. Trolls are particularly vulnerable to this.

It is said that a famous chef had a cleaver that used this enchantment--the edge sharpened for obvious reasons, while the flattened back edge was used to tenderize meat.

Imbued: Bladesharp 1or more and Bludgeon 1+.

02 Date: February 7, 2001
Name: Nikodemos
Trident of Wachaza

History: This trident is maded in First age by Primal Chaos sorcerer/priest. He won Wachaza rune lord in battle and binded/slaved runelord into the trident. In time runelord of Wachaza learned secret of chaos(learned to sense chaos and illuminated persons 90%). He learned also resist chaos priests commands in late of second age and were helped defeat chaos priest. Wachaza runelords founded trident, but weren't ably to free spirit so they binded some Power spirits and spell matrices into trident. And after that made promise to defeat all chaos that trident and his master will meet. (Master is that who has no any chaos taints and wield that trident).Trident served Wachaza's for 200 years and after that founded stolen from temple and never seen again.

Statics: True trident II,Strenght-6,Wachaza tooth,Coordination-9,Fanaticism,Demoralize,Slow-10,Heal wound III.

Conditions: Wachaza runelords can only use these spells. Spirit has 1 INT and 25 POW and each time Spirit cast any spell againts chaotic person th

03 Date: December 19, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Exalter (unique, POW 23)

History: Brought to these shores from the mysterious East by a ship with lemon-coloured sails several hundred years ago. Little else is known of it, it is spoken of only in the most obscure texts.

Description: By appearance, a small and ordinary powered crystal. It is a 1.5cm purple cube with an off-center yellowish blob inside.

Powers: Acts as a 1-point spirit-supporting crystal, adding 1 to POW for purposes of resisting spirit attacks. However, it also increases the chance for the owner to succeed in a POW gain roll by 25%, effectively adding 5 points to the creature's species maximum POW.

04 Date: November 27, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Cloak of Terror (Holocaust Cloak) (rare, 10 - 30+ POW)

History: Holocaust Cloaks have been known for many centuries. The first was created by a young boy, the last survivor of a small tribe which was exterminated by their enemies. The boy created the Holocaust clock from his father's best robe, grew up as a wild shaman, and won a terrible revenge before…

Description: Vary, but Holocaust Cloaks are always a deep, midnight black.

Powers: Variable. All have the power to radiate fear (Demoralize effect on all w/in 30m), Protection (at least 2) and darkness (add 90% to Hide skill). Other powers can include Flame Shield (2d6 damage to all w/in 3m), Silence, and Strength.

Imbued: Demoralize (2), Darkwall (2), Protection 2+, others as needed

05 Date: November 21, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Baleron's Ring (unique, 23 POW)

History: Found at the river bottom by Baleron, Prince of D'nark, who used it in the last battle against the River-Pirates. He later fell under its power and burned the city to the ground.

Description: A beautifully-crafted ring of heavy red gold. A large ruby is set on it. Deep in the ruby is a barely-discernable flaw; a miniscule Disorder rune.

Powers: The wearer is protected with a Protect 6 against fire damage, Protect 3 against all other kinds of damage. But over time, the wearer becomes infected with pyromania. At appropriate crisis points and moments of opportunity (on a dry grassland, for example), the wearer must resist a POW of 23 or else feel an overpowering sense of power and strength. This fit lasts 23 rounds. During that time anything they touch is Ignited per the spell. The source of the pyromania is not obvious; the ring is not likely to be blamed. The pyromania increases in strength over weeks, until the victim is constantly under its effects and unknowingly casts Ignite on objects up to 30m away just by looking at them, with no MP expenditure or cast roll required. At this point the victim is extremely dangerous. If they can be restrained and the ring removed (which they will actively resist), they must immediately resist a POW of 23 or go insane. Methods and time for recovery from insanity must be determined by the GM. If they fumble their resistance roll they immediately spontaneously combust.

Imbued: Protection 4, Fanaticism (2), Ignite (1)

06 Date: November 20, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Noisemaker (rare, 6 POW)

History: Created by merchant travelers for safety on the road

Description: A metal weight, sealed inside a large non-magical metal tube with a flat base at one end

Powers: The weight clings to the narrow end of the tube until an enemy comes within 30m. At that point the weight drops with a loud clatter down the length of the tube, warning the owner. The noise is sufficient to wake even the deepest sleeper.

Imbued: Glue 1, Detect Enemies, Dispel Magic 1

07 Date: November 6, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Brynna's Family (unique, 25 POW, 24 AP)

History: Created over many years by Brynna, a young farmwife whose husband and three children were killed by skeletons in the service of the Underlord. She became a warrior, destroying undead and skeletons in particular for many years. She is very old and respected now, and too weak to wield the Family without a Strength spell; but she sometimes loans it out in a good cause. She is looking for someone worthy to take care of it after she is gone.

Description: A 1m long heavy mace, made of somewhat charred wood bound and reinforced with metal. The wood was the mantle of the door to Brynna's home, which was burned; the metal is the re-worked scraps of her melted pots and pans. Four small objects are set in the hilt:

  • The nib of a pen, which was used by her oldest child (he was a bookworm)
  • A baby tooth in amber, from her middle child, who lost it a few days before being killed
  • A small glass bead; the eye of a small toy duck, the favorite toy of her smallest child
  • A gold bead melted into the shape of a tear. It was once a heart-shaped locket given to her by her husband.

The mace glows with blue light whenever undead come within 30m. The light is painful for undead to look at; they are -10% to strike the wielder. It is brightest in the presence of skeletons. The light is the precise color of Brynna's youngest child's eyes.

Powers: Bludgeon 6 against skeletons, 4 against other undead, 2 for all others. Effective Shimmer 2 against all undead as above. Two Armoring Enchantments have been cast on it.

Imbued: Detect Undead, Bludgeon 6, Light

08 Date: October 31, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Eye of Revelation (rare, 4 POW)

History: Invented by a sage who became tired of being robbed by fellow party members.

Description: A glowing eye-shaped ovoid, sometimes on the end of a rod. Usually made from a valuable gem. It is rumored that at least one particularly powerful Eye was created using a god-crystal.

Powers: When the Eye is uncovered, all magic items within 30m glow with a visible light. This effect can normally be shielded by a CounterMagic 4 or higher, although more powerful Eyes will penetrate this.

Drawback: An uncovered Eye glows strongly, and anyone in range can see that it is the source of the magical effect.

Imbued: Light (1), Detect Magic (1)

09 Date: October 27, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
That Little Extra Something (rare, 5 POW)

History: Invented by a clever thief sometime long ago; his name is forgotten.

Description: Varies; usually a short, beautifully-made hand-sized rod with a single round metal rod protruding from the end. Often has a crossbar to aid turning. Always has at least two black jewels.

Powers: When placed in a lock temporarily solidifies all the air within the lock, acting as an effective key. In effect a magical skeleton key for almost any lock. According to underground legend at least one master thief supposedly had one which had a special Glue matrix on the opposite end, which allowed him to permanently seal locks behind him.

Imbued: Multimissile 2, Detect Lock (1)

10 Date: October 26, 2000
Name: Jim Lawrie
Crystal Ball

A 15cm diameter ball of dark crystal, set on top of an ebony rest. 3 enc, 5AP. The crystal ball contains a binding enchantment for a magic spirit, this specimen has the following statistics: Int: 17, Pow: 23. Sense Projection : 95%, Phantom Sense : 95%, Intensity: 95%, Range: 95%, Multispell:95%. Enchantment


  1. Only users first muttering the word "Tormanos" may command the spirit,
  2. The spirit casts both spells, the sight projection in the direction and distance where the user desires, and a multispelled phantom sight to display the results on the crystals surface.
  3. The spirit may only cast these spells in that combination and none others,
  4. The item must be used in a dark environment.

11 Date: October 25, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Herkon's Reward (generic, 5 POW)

History: Supposedly invented long ago by a famous miser-Lord as a way to squeeze more work out of his peasants

Description: Generally a bracelet, but other forms are possible

Powers: The wearer never feels tired. S/he is immune to all effects of pain, and automatically makes CON rolls for injury or weariness. S/he is also able to function on half as much sleep as before. However if the Reward is ever taken off the wearer immediately rolls on the following table:

  1. CONx1: Incredibly weary and sore, but able to stay awake for 1d6 hours
  2. CONx2: Immediate unconsciousness for 3d6 hours
  3. CONx3: Collapse for 24+3d6 hours, lose 1d3 CON
  4. CONx4: Coma; roll CONx1 after each 1d10 days to revive. It is easy to starve to death while in a coma. Lose 1d6 CON
  5. CONx5+: Death

Imbued: Endurance 1, Fanaticism (2)

12 Date: October 23, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The GraveStone (unique, POW)

History: Created by Amrok the Black from a stone reportedly chipped off the tombstone of the Vampire God, in order to allow a brave young knight to spy on Gorgothua, a Vampire Lord

Description: An unnaturally cold piece of jagged grey stone, set in a tarnished silver buckle, attached to a worn old leather belt

Powers: The wearer cannot be distinguished from a zombie. They give off no perceivable body heat, have no audible heartbeat or pulse, and appear to have a POW of 1. The wearer also seems pallid and dead (APP minus 10), although additional make-up is often employed to improve the disguise. The wearer is immune to all special vampiric powers. While they resist spells normally, their chance to overcome is based on a POW of 1.

Imbued: Spirit Screen 2, Silence 2, Countermagic 2

13 Date: October 22, 2000
Name: Aaron
a magic that lets u turn guys on ur side for a limited of time say about 5 minutes

14 Date: October 19, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Nimble Jack's Boots (unique, 36 (!) POW)

History: First known as the property of Nimble Jack, a famous thief of the big city. The boots have been stolen or borrowed from him several times, but he has always managed to get them back - in the end.

Description: Dark grey mid-calf boots of an exotic leather. No metal shows on the outside of the boots, which are fastened with strong leather ties. Both boots are designed to comfortably hold a dagger, and each has a lockpick hidden in the toe.

Powers: The boots seem to grip walls and ropes, adding 80% to Climb. They are also absolutely silent, adding 40% to the wearer's chance to Sneak.

Imbued: Glue 4, Silence 4

15 Date: October 18, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Ghost Sword (unique, 19 POW)

History: First seen in the hands of the Madman of Z'moyen, who claimed that it had been made for him by the ghost of his grandfather to help him fight their mutual enemies

Description: An odd-looking shortsword with a translucent, shimmering blade. The hilt is solid black; the blade is immaterial

Powers: The wielder can perceive the spirit world, and use the sword to combat spirit entities. A successful hit enables the wielder to make a POW vs. POW roll against the target; success means the target loses 1d6+1 personal magic points. Even failure causes the target to lose 2 MP. It is possible to impale and fumble. Since the Ghost Sword is very light, its strike rank is 0. The weilder is also protected with the effect of a Spirit Screen 4.

Note: the wielder of the Ghost Sword is treated respectfully by most spirits. The blade may also be used against living creatures. It cannot parry physical object, but can parry spirit attacks!

Imbued: Second Sight (3), Spirit Screen 4, Bladesharp 1, Disrupt (1)

16 Date: October 17, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Boneblaster (unique, 17 POW)

History: Created 19 years ago as an experiment by an extremely precocious young sage, who made it on a dare. Soon after the horn was stolen and used in battle, where its ghastly effects became manifest. The young sage (now a powerful Sage Lord) has spent the last 15 years trying to recover and destroy the Boneblaster.

Description: A 30-cm horn of pale, almost translucent ivory, finished with gold and studded with red gems in a confusing pattern

Powers: The horn emits a deep, muffled, tunneling blast which causes intense pain and damage to the bones of all within range. Each listener must resist with CON vs. POW 17 each round; otherwise the vibrations cause 1d3 hit points damage to each hit location for every round that resistance is failed. Even if successfully resisted, the Boneblaster reduces all Listen skills in its listeners by 10% every round. Armor does not protect from this damage, nor do spells with two exceptions: spells which protect against magic may resist a spell effect of POW 17. And Silence protects - each point of Silence acts as 1-point armor against damage, so that Silence 3 gives perfect protection.

To blow the horn the user must overcome a STR of 18 for every round of use. Each round of blowing temporarily lowers the STR and CON of the user by 1d6 points each. If this reduction takes a characteristic to zero or below, the user collapses into unconsciousness. They take general physical damage equal to 1d6 + (total characteristic points below 0), and must roll their resultant hit points x 5 or die from shock. STR & CON recover at a rate of 1d3 points each per day with bed rest, 1 point per day with non-strenuous activity. Listen comes back at 10x that rate.

Imbued: Detect Bone (1), Strength 4, Disruption (1)

17 Date: October 16, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Lady Kraggelthorg's Tiara (unique, 4 POW)

History: Created by Meliakor, Court Enchanter for Lady Kraggelthorg, former serving-wench and wife to Duke Kraggelthorg the Barbarian. Unfortunately Meliakor had a loose tongue, and it wasn't long before the secret of the tiara was public knowledge. In shame, the lady threw the tiara into the gutter along with Meliakor's head. A lot of people have been killed for it since, and it's rumored to be cursed.

Description: A completely over-the-top diamond tiara. Rocks the size of a walnut, gold, platinum, the whole magilla. Worth approximately 50,000sp new, but various owners have pried gems out of it over the years; it's worth about 10,000 now. Nonetheless the magic still works.

Powers: Speeds up the metabolism of the wearer while sparing them the effects of exhaustion, allowing rapid and fairly painless weight loss.

Imbued: Mobility 1, Endurance 1

18 Date: October 13, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Wood Knife (generic, 4 - 19 POW)

History: A useful tool that has been popular with woodworkers for centuries

Description: Varies, but always made with the finest craftsmanship and from the best metal and wood available.

Powers: This blade carves wood beautifully. Depending on the level of Bladesharp imbued, it may simply cut better, or at high levels slice the hardest wood as if it were soft cheese. A few "safety" models have been made that incorporate an additional Detect (wielder's species) and some level of Dullblade in order to keep the blade from cutting the user accidentally. All of these blades are regarded with fear and loathing by intelligent vegetable-based lifeforms, although it is rumored that some special versions of these blades incorporating healing and painkilling magic are used by the Healers of Elfwood for surgery.

Imbued: Detect Wood, Bladesharp 1-4+. Additional as noted.

19 Date: October 12, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Fleshseeker (Unique, 14 POW, 15 AP)

History: Origin unknown. Has been active for several hundred years.

Description: A very fine iron broadsword. Black hilt wrapped in red leather which has an unpleasant feel: odd, slightly warm and resilient. Some claim to feel a faint pulse. A strange red crystal in the pommel.

Powers: Fleshseeker always strikes at the most weakly-armored point of a living opponent. Magical protection is taken into account after the first successful hit. It adds +05% to the chance to critical, but does not improve total to-hit chance. If an opponent has equal armor at all points the sword does not "seek" any particular location, but the chance to critical goes up to 10%. If the wielder fights Fleshseeker's "seeking", all of its powers are deactivated for the duration of combat but the wielder's chance to fumble increases to 15%.

Imbued: Bladesharp 4, Detect Flesh, Control Human

20 Date: October 11, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Cool Vat (generic, 7 - 16+ POW)

History: Probably invented by a desert tribe to protect their water supply, although alchemists also claim to have invented this item.

Description: A vat or contain of any size. Extremely large ones cost more POW to create. The lid is either solid or a grill. If a grill, the contents inside seem to be in pitch blackness. There are legends of entire Cool Rooms hidden in the desert, and some great alchemical guilds supposedly also have a Cool Room.

Powers: The lid to the vat is imbued with a Darkwall, with the dark side facing inward -- in other words, no light passes from outside to within the vat. The vat itself is imbued with an Extinguish 1 (or more, depending on how much coolness is desired) in a separate ceremony. The combination blocks energy from entering the vat. Advanced models include an extra Darkwall in the vat itself.

Spells Imbued: Darkwall (2), Extinguish 1-4

21 Date: October 10, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Token of Balance (unique, 11 POW)

History: Created for Mr. Slith, but left behind when he fell off the Edge of the World.

Description: An exquisite golden token in the form of a balancing scale. On each pannier is a small ivory hand holding an asymmetrical piece of gray crystal which resemble the two halves of a human brain. The scale is fixed and does not move.

Powers: The Token attunes as a powered crystal, i.e. worn for a week and then overcome in a POW vs. POW roll. During that week, the wearer is afflicted with a bad stutter (-20% on all Comm skills). Failure results in the usual penalties. Success makes the wearer ambidextrous. In either case, the wearer forever after has a mild stutter (-5% Comm). If the Token is ever taken off, the benefits are immediately lost.

Spells Imbued: Coordination 2, Mindlink I

22 Date: October 6, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
SpellStealer (kite shield, 12 POW, 24 AP)

History: Created by Donato the Doomed, a Priest who claimed he was hit by every random spell and arrow. The first time he used SpellStealer in combat he was killed by a critical random arrow in the eye.

Description: An iron kite shield, with emeralds along the inner border ("Why should I give my enemies one more reason to attack me?")

Powers: Any spell targeted at the wielder of SpellStealer has a 50% chance of hitting the shield instead. If it does, it must overcome a POW of 12 or be absorbed. Each absorbed spell adds to the shield's effective POW, but all POW above 12 dissipates at the rate of 1 hour/point. Any enspelled weapon parried must also resist vs. its current POW, or be absorbed as well. The shield has one drawback: any spell cast by the wielder is also subject to the absorption effect.

Spells Imbued: Absorption 3

23 Date: October 6, 2000
Name: Jeremy
Guardian Moons (generic, Power 18)

History: These four stones were made for Wind Lords going into battle. Over the years, many have been lost or purposefully destroyed or scattered.

Description: Four small stones, gathered from the same place and similar in appearance.

Powers: When fed 1 MP and thrown in the air, the stones will swirl around the character who threw them at a distance of 1, 3 or 10 meters. Anyone (friend or foe) crossing the circle made by these stones takes 3D3 damage to a random location, ignoring armor. They will return when commanded by their user, and will fall to the ground if their user dies or 1 is knocked out of the air (requires a Special hit targeting a Stone). These stones circle at 6 meters per round, and can keep up with anyone moving at Move 6 or less.

Spells Imbued: Fly 4 and Warding 3 on the set of stones.

24 Date: October 6, 2000
Name: Jeremy
Farseer Spectacles (2 lenses, Pow 8 each)

History: Made by priests of Dormal (or other Seafaring god), these spectacles are a great boon to shipboard lookouts, among others.

Description: A band of leather, with pockets to insert two glass lenses. The lenses are finely crafted fragile glass circles.

Powers: With both lenses in place, when the spectacles are pulled in front of the eyes, a character can see objects as if they were 4 times closer. Unfortunately, since one lens is currently missing, the character will still see things closer if (s)he covers one eye, but must also resist a POW 8 Befuddle every round. This side effect ends if the character ever finds or has made a second lens.

Spells Imbued: Each glass lens has Farsee 3 Imbued. This can also be used for Farstrider Boots (Mobility 3).

25 Date: October 4, 2000
Name: Jeremy
Magic Trollslayer (Broadsword and Scabbard, Pow 6 and 8)
History: Fashioned long ago by a Sun Priest, this sword and accompanying scabbard were designed to end the "Troll problem". The sword can be used for any purpose, but the Trolls remember - anyone seen with this sword has the enmity of all Trolls.

Description: A finely made sword and matching scabbard, with two halves of a ruby set in the pommel and scabbard, though the scabbard's is loose and easily stolen.

Powers: This sword continuously burns with the heat of a Fireblade. It always inflicts 3D6 damage and glows brighter than a torch. If put down or sheathed in any but its scabbard, it will start to melt the object! If a new scabbard is fashioned without a split ruby inserted in the scabbard and pommel (or the ruby is gone), it will permanently extinguish the Fireblade and explode, doing 3D6 damage to all within 14 meters.

Spells Imbued: Fireblade on the sword, Extinguish 3 on the scabbard.

26 Date: October 4, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Thresher (flawed/cursed flail, 13 POW, 12 AP)

History: Fashioned on commission for a wealthy farmer by his dilletante brother-in-law, this large and well-made grain flail was supposed to be able to quadruple (at least) grain production. Unfortunately the spell was fumbled, as was tragically discovered when the farmer accidentally flailed his elf wife to death. He died soon after from grief, but placed a dying curse upon the flail.

Description: A large grain flail made of finest materials.

Powers: When used, manifests three additional "ghost" flails which strike for a total of quadruple damage - 4d6 - against elves and their kin. The wounds made do not heal naturally. Whoever uses it against elves loses the ability to take nourishment from vegetable matter, and has the hatred of elves and their friends.

Spells Imbued: Multimissile 3, Detect Grain Special: Haunted by ghosts of elf wife and the brother-in-law.

27 Date: September 29, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Gold-Seeker (generic, 4 - 13 POW)

History: This sort of hammer has been used by knowledgeable miners for many years. The techniques for creating them may have been originally developed by the dwarves. They come in varying powers, and Seekers for other metals are sure to exist.

Description: A well-made hammer, including some decoration in gold (or whatever metal it "seeks").

Powers: When used to hammer and beat out ore, this hammer detects even minute traces of gold ore and separates them out from rock. The effect of the Bludgeon is restricted to gold only, which ends up mashed into the underlying surface where it may be easily scraped up and collected.

Spells Imbued: Detect Gold, Bludgeon 1-4

28 Date: September 28, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Ring of Ultimate Power (unique/cursed, 56 POW, 54AP)

History: Unknown.

Description: A beautiful gold ring of surpassing hardness.

Powers: When placed on a living finger, the wearer gains the effect of the following spells: Coordination 4, Glamour 4, Mobility 4, Strength 4, and Vigor 4. These effects do not cease if the ring is taken off. The wearer (victim) also becomes hyperactive, unable to sleep, and cannot tire. The victim lives for exactly as many days as they have CON. At the end of that time they explode messily, doing 2d6 damage to everyone within a 3m radius. A knowledgeable Healer might be able to counteract the effect of the Ring, but even if they succeed the victim loses 1 point of CON per day that the Ring was worn. This CON cannot be Restored. The Ring can only affect one living thing at a time, even if it is not being worn. Damage to the Ring inflicts equal damage on the victim, if there is one.

29 Date: September 28, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Wand of the Puzzle Canal (unique, 2 POW, unbreakable)

History: Created by a secretive and possibly insane group of sages and tricksters.

Description: A rod of Truestone, as thick as a human forefinger and long as an average human's forearm. It is so covered with bizarre arabesques and unknown runes in various Rune metals that the Truestone is not visible. Powers:Contains all common spirit magic spells (but no rituals). Variable spells are all at level 4. There are many strange (substance) and (species) spells. These are all cast with an effective POW of 30, and all spells cost 1MP to cast. The Wand takes 1 SR to activate. Unfortunately, for most people there is no way to choose what spell comes out of the Wand, nor who the target will be.

Conditions: Only works predictably for a person with an absolutely pure heart for a good purpose. For anyone else, the result is completely random.

30 Date: September 27, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
ShimmerShield (unique, 19 POW, 22 AP)

Description: A large kite shield of hardwood and sealed aluminum (or aluminium, if you prefer), covered with faint wavy patterns in pale blue-green.

History:A gift from the mermen of the Coast to the Pirate King.

Powers:In combat, the shield emits a green glow. The surface moves and shimmers like rough ocean waves. Anyone facing the wielder in combat hears the deafening sound of waves, while the light of the sea dazzles and confuses them. A fine sea-spray pours forth from the shield. Opponents must resist a POW of 19 each round or be -30% on all actions for that round; even if they resist, they suffer a -5% to all actions. The shield cannot sink.

Conditions: Cannot be used against mermen.

Spells Imbued: Demoralize (2), Shimmer 4, Detect Enemy, Mindspeech 1

31 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
That Horrible Old Statue (unique/accidental, unknown POW)

History: The ugly statue of some long-forgotten general has been standing in the market square of this city for ages.

Secret: Sometime in the past, the statue became inhabited by a small imp or spirit.

Description: The statue is dirty, and covered with droppings, and no one can read the words on the base of it. The general looks stupid, and his horse is ugly. And what does it mean when one hind leg of the horse is raised?

Powers: The statue itself is a Spirit Home (q.v.). It has one unusual quality: any spell cast from inside it has no visible effect. There is no indication that the statue is the source of the spell. The spirit inside is INT 17, POW 19, and it knows the following spells: Mindspeech 5, Befuddle (2), Ignite, Glue 4, Repair 1, Slow 2, & Demoralize (2). It uses these spells to make mischief among passers-by, by linking several strangers with Mindspeech for example.

32 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Sir Harp (unique, 31 POW)

History: Created recently by a band of minstrels (Donandari), it served as the basis for their powerful music until it was stolen by bandits. Recently reports have come that whole villages have been seized by a "dancing madness", only to awaken to find their goods and more attractive women missing. Description:A very large wooden harp decorated with copper and gold.

Powers: The powers of the harp activate only when played by a musician with a skill of 60% or more, or if any player has a critical success. When activated, the player gains the effects of Coordination 2 (+2 DEX), Glamour 4 (+12 APP), and Ironhand 1. The Ironhand allows the player to play much more loudly than is normally possible. Anyone who listens to the music of Sir Harp must resist a POW of 31 or be affected by a Fanaticism spell -- but rather than combat, the victim is compelled to dance. The effect continues until unconsciousness, or one round after the music stops. Note: The 22 strings of Sir Harp are not enchanted, and take a terrific beating from the Ironhand effect. There is a 10% chance per round of playing that a string will break, reducing the player's effective skill by 5% per lost string. Each lost string also reduces Sir Harp's attack POW by 1. It takes DEX SR + 1d10 strike ranks to replace a string, and this cannot be done while the harp is being played.

Spells Imbued: Coordination 2, Glamour 4, Ironhand 1, Fanaticism

33 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Spirit Home (generic, 4 POW)

History: Generic - many exist. Most commonly used by shamans.

Description: A Spirit Home is a modified form of a Spirit Binding. They are created using the Imbue rules on this site. To create a Spirit Home, the caster simply imbues a spirit binding of the desired type, for a total cost of 4 POW. This can be placed in any target which can normally house a Binding. However, spirits are not constrained to remain in the Home. They may choose to leave at any time, and are free to act as they wish. The Spirit Home provides a "base" in the material world for spirits who wish to remain there.

Powers: Spirits in the Home may perceive the material world normally, as well as with spirit vision. Up to three spirits at a time may dwell in the Home, although larger Homes have been built. When more than one spirit is in the Home, any spell attacking the inhabitants must overcome their total POW in order to affect them. The spirits may cast spells (if they are able) normally. Some Homes have been created with one or more levels of imbued Spirit Screen.

34 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Aleron's Vambrace (7 POW)

History: Created by a noble for his sickly son.

Description: A small gold-chased bronze plate vambrace with a heraldic symbol inlaid in semi-precious gems. Fits SIZ 6 - 10. 8AP.

Powers: The wearer automatically has exactly enough STR and DEX to use whatever bow weapon they wield without penalties. If either STR or DEX is already sufficient, that characteristic is not increased. In addition, every arrow shot by the wielder gains a Speeddart effect (+15% to hit, +3 damage).

35 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Eyes of Enzio, crystal lenses (22/38 POW cost)

History: Created over a 6-year period by Enzio Deathstalker (a sage with special enmity for vampires and the undead) these crystal lenses set in a heavy leather head-band have been used by several heroes in the 30 years since Enzio mysteriously disappeared.

Description: Two eye-sized clear, faceted unpowered crystals (8MP each), set in a light brown leather headband, fastened by a looped gold buckle in the back.

Powers: When an undead creature comes within 30m of the Eyes, a powerful beam of light shines from the lenses. The fan-shaped beam is 10m long, and at its maximum length is 8m wide and high. The beam causes Demoralization in vampires and the undead, with an effective POW of 38. If worn, the wearer also has the effect of a Farsee 4 through the lenses, targeted for vampires. The crystals themselves are indestructible, and the headband has 8AP. The beam cannot be deactivated.

36 Date: September 26, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Betrayer, bastard sword (14 POW cost)

History: Forged by a forgotten minor hero who was a renegade Humakti (or from any sword-using faith), the wielder of this weapon earns instant enmity from sword-revering cult members. The hilt has been changed many times to disguise the weapon, but as soon as it is drawn there can be no doubt, because the blade of Betrayer is a smooth dull black.

Powers: Any edged weapon struck by this sword is immediately affected by a Dullblade 4. Non-magical, unspelled weapons cannot resist this effect; enchanted weapons make a resistance roll of POW used to make them vs. a POW of 16. Weapons with active spells resist with a POW equal to the points of the spell. The effect lasts for fifteen minutes, but any non-magical weapon affected is still dull after the magical effect expires, with a -4 to damage until re-sharpened. Any other edged weapon used by the owner of Betrayer is automatically subject to the Dullblade 4 effect. When striking to damage or break a sword, Betrayer has +4 to damage and +20% to hit, as well as its Dullblade effect. For any other use, it has no bonuses at all. Betrayer has 28 AP.

37 Date: September 21, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Disruptor Gauntlet

History: These gauntlets were crafted a hundred years ago by the Mage-Guild of Avernee for the personal guard of the Duke of the Avernees. 17 gauntlets were created, but three are known to have been destroyed and the remainder have been scattered across the world since the fall of the kingdom.

Description: A black enameled plate gauntlet of fine workmanship, inscribed with "power runes" and "control lines". Set flat into the metal on the back of the hand is a short rod of pale metal, tipped with a clear red stone. Each gauntlet holds 2d6+12 Disruptions, which are released when the wearer says the word "Law!" in beastspeech. Charges may be restored without expending POW). Each gauntlet has been further enhanced with an Armoring Enchantment (+1d10AP). Legend has it that the Duke himself had a Disruptor, which was made of iron, had 26 AP, and held 42 charges. Its location is unknown.

38 Date: September 14, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Chime of the Elements A chime made of many different Rune metals. Hanging from it are five or more bells, each a different color and shape. The Chime may be activated for one hour by inputting 17 magic points and making a successful Ceremony roll. Each bell summons a particular type of elemental when rung. The first four bells are always Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Other known bells include Spirit (which can summon random or specific kinds of spirits), Lune, Darkness, and many others. Individual bells can be detached, but will not work if not attached to the Chime. If a bell is struck once, a small elemental of the appropriate type appears when the bell stops reverberating. Alternatively, the bell can be quickly struck two or three times, which results respectively in a medium or large elemental once vibrations cease. Striking a bell four times at once may either shatter the bell, summon a huge elemental, or both. If more than one bell is rung at once, there is 90% chance that two elementals will be summoned simultaneously, an 8% chance than no elemental will appear, a 1% chance that the Chime and all bells will be destroyed, and a 1% chance that a large and insane hybrid form will be created that incorporates elementals for all bells rung. If any of the elementals are mutually antagonistic (Fire/Water, for example, or Lune/Air), the resulting entity attempts to slay everyone present, shatters the Chime, and then destroys itself. Several Chimes are known to exist. Legend has it that there is a Chime that includes a bell for every type of elemental known, including many which are otherwise forgotten. According to some old texts, if every bell on that Chime were to be rung at once the world would end.

39 Date: September 14, 2000
Name: Magnus Vindegg
A well-oiled bag of Skybull leather, painted with spirals in blue woad and tied up with a seven-linked bronze chain. Inside is hundreds of clacks and bolgs, all with a hole through the middle and inscribed with Air and Spirit runes. The chain is a matrix for Grow Hair IV (Ritual Ceremony spell) and Animate Hair II, and can only be used by Storm rune theists or shamans. A medium-sized sylph lives in the bag. It will attack anyone opening the bag without fitting the user restrictions. The sylph will always return to its bag after being Controlled, provided it is 'fed' a little oil every week. If asked in Stormspeech, the sylph will recite a long litany of Sartarite staves. The staves detail how the caster can command his growing beard and hair to thread itself through the clacks, weaving a suit of leaden ringmail around his body. The user can decide which parts to cover at will, as well as the cut and shape of the suit. This may be worn over Woad, at the GM's discretion. Another use of the rather unique Animate Hair spell is to animaimate one's hair to wave about in random patterns, obscuring one's shape in a cloud of hair. Provided the hair and beard animated is long enough, this will act like an active Shimmer spell for every point of Animate Hair. The bag was made and used by Clackbeard, a Kolat/Drogarsi shaman who died while trying to capture Bony Death in the Wastes.

40 Date: September 13, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A troll-face mask and gloves made of beautiful soft grey velvet. If worn and given 1 magic point, the wearer's face and hands will look exactly like a female Troll's for one hour. This time can be extended by sacrificing an additional magic point for another hour. However, more than three hours in a row or more than six hours in a day will make the transformation permanent. The mask and gloves do not change the body, nor characteristics, and do not confer Darksense or any other ability. The APP of the Troll form is 18 to another troll. Warning: the mask is an exact copy of the Beauty of Tarlemaine. Those who have seen this worthy perform will recognize the wearer. Depending on proximity to Tarlemaine, there is a 1-5% chance that a rune-level Troll will have seen the Beauty.

41 Date: September 13, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
An oval-shaped patch of tan human skin about 10cm (4") by 7.5cm (3"). The edges are ragged, and there are no distinguishing marks. A random spell matrix has been tattooed into it. The matrix still works. It has a condition "Only works for person wearing the skin", but will work if you hold the skin against you.

42 Date: September 10, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Lamp of King Elf: Crafted from virgin copper and gold which has never been touched by a dwarf or a troll, and enchanted on a High Holy day along with the willing self-sacrifice of a tree. This lamp gives no light, but if filled with proper fuel and placed against the ground it warms the ground, preserving the life of the seeds within the confines of the growing area (a forest, for example) against any frost or cold for a full winter.

43 Date: September 10, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Lump of Chaos: A lump of solidified Chaos. Anyone who touches it will acquire 1 chaotic feature per round of contact.

44 Date: September 10, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Orb of Communion: A massive (1.5 meter diameter) globe of polished black stone, set atop a square 2m across, 1m high pillar of grey granite. The top of the pillar is hollowed out, so that only the top half of the Orb shows. Any entity within 30m of the Orb is in full Mindlink with every other entity: which means they have access to all of their spells, skills, magic points, and knowledge. The Orb is extremely heavy, but it could theoretically be moved. However, it is likely to be found in some heavily guarded magical area.

45 Date: September 10, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A mechanical bird (of any type), crafted of rare metals. A simple pointer on a dial on its belly controls it, and it is animated by giving it 1 MP per hour of animation required. The dial allows the following actions: fly straight until all power is exhausted, fly forward and return after half the time of activation has expired, circle overhead, and loop-the-loop.

46 Date: September 8, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
SunEye: a sphere of highest-quality gold-bearing ore, enchanted and blessed on a holy day by a Priest of the Sun. Left in the sun, it "soaks up" light. In the dark it gives off light equal to a Light spell for as many hours as it was left in the sun.

47 Date: September 7, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Red Sash of Falkayne: a small red sash, one meter long and 25cm wide, marked with apparently meaningless runes in black. If the user casts all their magic points but one into the sash and then ties it around their waist, they cannot lose the final magic point. This makes them immune to spirit combat. However, they cannot regain magic points until they untie the sash, at which point MPs return normally. The sash is indestructible. Only one is known to exist.

48 Date: September 5, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
The Thrindlestone: a mottled green tube 5cm long and 1.5 cm wide. This is a powered crystal (see RQ2), with a POW of 13. While attuned to it, the user gets +3 to DEX but -2 each to STR and CON.

49 Date: August 29, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A heavy bronze necklace, studded with semi-precious gems. It contains a magic spirit, INT 13, POW 16. The necklace has one casting condition on it: if anyone comes up behind the wearer with a weapon in hand, the spirit inside it casts a Light spell on their eyes.

50 Date: August 24, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A bronze circlet with a golden Sun rune on a disk on the front. When worn on the head by a Sun worshipper, it automatically casts a Light spell when the word "Light!" is said in Auld Wormish.

51 Date: August 23, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
Dancing Stone: an irregular oval rock. If soaked with clean water and placed on a hot surface (a fire, a griddle, even hot sand or a rock on a sunny day), it will begin to rock from side to side. The clatter that it makes varies in speed and volume depending on the amount of heat.

52 Date: August 13, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A left-handed sword which contains a Bladesharp 4 matrix. Can only be cast by left-handers. The sword is badly worn, and has only 5 AP left. Right-handers have a -10% to skill when wielding the blade.

53 Date: August 11, 2000
Name: Peter Maranci
A magical tester - it glows when any spell is cast on it.

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