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The life of a repo man is always intense. Stack something on the pile of weird stuff that adventurers can find anywhere, or just stare at the -- what is this stuff?

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Name: Tony Den
Hometown: Pretoria
Sent: 03.13 - thu 13 sep 2001

Siege Dust

A stone jar containing fine powder. This powder is actually a dehydrated vegetable and meat mix. It expands on contact with moisture and a little goes a long way. (A spoonful eaten dry is the equivalent of a full meal for an average human).

Although created by wizards, this item is not magical. From: The Wizards and The Warriors - by Hugh Cook. (Chronicles of an age of darkness vol. 1).

Name: Tony Den
Hometown: Pretoria
Sent: 09.13 - mon 3 sep 2001

A Hurley Stick

A thick stick with a curved end which is bound in strands of hammered copper. Used for the Celtic game of Hurling. The stick can also be used quite efectively as a club doing similar damage but hitting 1 SR early due to its length.

Name: Harry Lucus Dun
Sent: 18.25 - sun 19 aug 2001

Next to a tree is many small strangly colored stones, all with the leter "S" carved in them.

Name: Peter Maranci
Hometown: Woonsocket RI
Sent: 09.25 - tue 14 aug 2001

The Healer's Moss: This rare dark green moss can be recognized by the tiny pale green flowers which grow in it. Cleaned and bound to a clean wound with a successful First Aid roll, the moss increases the natural healing of that wound by an additional point per day. It also improves the chance to resist infection by 30%. Brewed into a tea, it is a powerful laxative.

Heavy leather harness, torn to pieces. Perhaps there is an escaped maniac neaby. Or perhaps just his body, or bones. Perhaps there is nothing at all.

A beautiful green flower in a wooden pot. If prepared properly by an alchemist, it can produce 3 doses of a 6d6 POT poison. Eaten raw, it is a 3d6 POT poison. The smell is delightful, and banishes sleep for several hours. Sniffing it more than once a day runs the risk of addiction; the second sniff in 24 hours requires the sniffer to resist a POT of 3d6 with their CON. The POT is re-rolled for each sniff, however each successive sniff gives the sniffer a cumulative minus one penalty to their chance to resist addiction.

Name: Tony Den
Hometown: Pretoria
Sent: 09.05 - mon 6 aug 2001

The Sausage Fruit Plant

This plant is encountered in arid regions and appears as a common cactus, with oversized spines - which average between 5 and ten centimetres in length. It stands up to 5 metres tall and can grow to a diameter of 70 centimetres around the base. Although most plants encountered are a single spike from base to tip, some may produce branches. Its name is evident from its fruit, which look very much like pork sausages. The fruit is borne as white “sausages” which are speckled with red dots, which hang in bunches from nodes near the plants apex.

What makes this plant unusual is that it is classified a carnivorous plant. It is very long lived (up to 500 years) and is thus not as vulgar in its thirst for flesh. Instead it plays a very patient waiting game:

The stalk of the sausage fruit plant is but one tenth its total size. Underneath the soil a large shallow root system fans out in a circle, extending up to 10 metres from its base. These roots are sensitive to pressure, serving as a deadly kill zone. Anyone approaching the plant will stand on an area where pressure is exerted to the root system. This pressure is communicated to the stem of the plant.

Pressure excreted must be significant. Thus small animals like skinks and birds, which make meals of the tasty sausage fruit, do not trigger the plant. Only larger animals, weighing 20 or more kilograms will exert enough pressure on the roots.

The first step within the kill zone will arm the plant. Alerting it to the presence of a possible meal and allowing it to identify from which quadrant said meal is approaching. The next step acts as a trigger. Once the trigger is set off, the plant reacts with lightning speed. The spines which face the quadrant where the first, arming step was taken, shoot out at a high velocity.

Each spine is laden with a deadly, fast acting toxin. This toxin has a dual function. Its first action, once it enters its victim’s bloodstream, is to incapacitate its voluntary muscles, effectively paralysing the victim within seconds but leaving its heart and lungs functioning, to ensure the toxin is distributed throughout the entire body. The toxins second function is as a digestive. Within an hour of rendering its prey immobile, the toxin starts to dissolve tissue it comes into contact with. This whole process works on volumes. The greater the amount of toxin in the body, the quicker the time in which paralysis will occur and the quicker the prey will digest.

While the plants prey is digested from within, its root system will start producing specialised rootlets, which grow upwards towards the point where the prey lies. Within a day they will have pierced its tenderised skin. Within two days, they will have anchored the corpse and started to secrete even more powerful digestive acids than those of the spines, to dissolve muscle and bone. Within a week, the corpse will have collapsed in on itself, as its now liquid inside’s seep into the soil, to be hungrily absorbed by the plants underground root system.


The spines are hard and sharp. Per spine:
Damage = 1d4
AP = 5
Toxin POT = 50. POT will increase by 10 per extra spine. Thus, is 3 spines, POT = 70. Spines must draw blood for toxin to work. The digestive agent will start to function within an hour of entering the bloodstream and from then on will remove 1d4 HP per hour until HP = 0 or the toxin is neutralised. (I am working from not too good memory of poison rules, so please adjust as necessary).

Sausage Fruit:
If a person should be so lucky as to obtain a sausage fruit without perishing in the attempt, it will be worth their while. Not only do the fruit contain an antidote to counteract the toxin in the spines. (This antidote must be ingested before the digestive takes effect, to avoid permanent loss to CON. If the digestive has taken effect, CON must be reduced by 1 for every passing hour until the digestive has been neutralised.)

In addition to the above, the fruit is delicious and the antidote has generic healing properties which will speed the healing of wounds and revitalise the body of people who consume it. To simulate this effect, make a first aid roll for each wounded area and add 1D10 to Current Fatigue Points. This is a once off effect and wounds cannot be speed healed by eating lots of fruit.

Name: Althalus
Hometown: Kemi
Sent: 06.48 - sun 29 jul 2001

Bone knucles: A Pair of wery skillfully crafted dragon bone knuckles which will once worn mend in to users own bone structure and enchance his unarmed fighting skill and damage with reasonable amount.

Name: Peter Maranci
Hometown: Woonsocket RI
Sent: 14.38 - tue 24 jul 2001

House of Cards: A delicate eight-level house of strangely-painted cards has been erected here. Any violent motion will disturb and topple it. Anyone who approaches within 3 meters of it must make a roll of their DEX times the number of meters they are from it. Could the cards be magical?
A flat wooden ring, 20cm across. Can be thrown like a frisbee, but it's too light to do any damage.
A 2-meter across bird's nest. Long since abandoned, fortunately. Deep inside (Search -20%) are three green gems worth 87sp.

Name: Dave Brace
Sent: 08.21 - wed 18 jul 2001

Made: one coin pouch (holds upto 50 wheels) made of dream dragon skin will act as 4 point leather armour for anthing inside. 01 on a skinning role.

Name: Dave Brace
Sent: 08.13 - wed 18 jul 2001

One of the most difficult items to use is:
A ring which when the wearer concentrates detects traps within 10cm of the ring not the caster...... Only those steady of hand need apply.

Name: Dave Brace
Sent: 08.10 - wed 18 jul 2001

The most powerful item we have ever found is a 25 sided gem. 24 of the gems sides are skillfully engraved with mystical symbols which represent most of the runes and the things they stand for (i.e. a cross represents the death rune) the 25th side has an infinity rune on it. The symbols glow with a pale orange light when they are active, 3 randomly become active at the start of every season; the infinity rune is always active but will not accept power. The gem acts as a matrix which a pc must put power into to cast a spell, the stronger a pc is tied to the rune the more powerful the spell. It will do spells from curing hunger (a plate 1pow) to will not die for 15mins (shield 6pow High Priests of death cults only). on first glance the gem is worth 15,000 lunars, after full analysis it is found to be worth 2,250,000 Lunars (if all 24 sides are glowing).

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